Pacific Northwest Sculptor, Lee Imonen located in Eugene, Oregon.​


Nine-Ply, Installation at Portland International Airport, Portland, OR      

Dimensions: 36'x14'x4'  Available for purchase

Many thanks to Roseburg Forest Products, without whose generosity and willingness to “think outside the sheet”, this project would not have been possible.

The intent of this work is to serve as a visual representation of the processes, materials and resources that we utilize in our everyday lives.  Beginning as a fir peeler core, the sculpture unravels to wind it’s way across the wall, becoming more and more deliberate in its layering while finally resulting in a standard sheet of 9-layer plywood crafted into a finished cube. 

At it’s simplest, this is an exploration of form and material, intended to catch the eye and create a sense of wonder for those travelling past on their hurried way.

At a deeper level, this is the story of industry in the northwest, of the importance of managing our resources sustainably, and a recognition that our lives and comfort depend on these resources on a daily basis.  These often overlooked or overly simplified relationships of resource dependence surround us at all levels, and are integral to the world we live in. 

Awareness and recognition of each of our roles in resource management, I believe, is the key to mapping our way to a sustainable future.  Wood products are an easy area to construct this visual metaphor of change, use and re-use.  But how do all of our other materials in which we depend fit into this model?  It is up to each of us to assess the roles we play as end-users of so much of our limited resources.